29 August 2014

Police checks for Councillors?

There seems to be an aver increasing need for these checks but as is so often the case it is too late for this election. Police  checks currently take up to 3 months to be completed and the names of people wishing to be elected must be submitted between the 2nd and the 16th of this September. This doesn't worry me personally, as a teacher they are compulsory (as you would expect) and mine is always up to date. However, it raises just a touch of paranoia, as a Councillor I have never been left alone with a child and would never expect to be. I know it is now often also a prerequisite for members of Boards where children are a focus of the Board's work. To this end it may well be the case that all members of the Clarence Park Community Centre  Board should have current police checks?

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  1. Cr Bob Schnell29 August, 2014 18:57

    It's all really getting a bit silly.
    These conditions don't apply to State and Federal politicians.
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