05 August 2014

One slip from death!

We all know that the best way to stop graffiti from occurring is to paint it out immediately it occurs!! Well you might think we all know but apparently this is not the case. The new rail infrastructure at Goodwood is now covered in graffiti works that grow by the day: the 'artists' are emboldens by DPTI inaction and the pieces grow as the locations become more challenging. This work can be seen from the Victoria St bridge looking south. The high powered wires are less than a metre below this and then a void to the train. If the person who did this were to slip they'd either be electrocuted or hit by a train (maybe both). And yet despite numerous pleas from residents and promises made  during construction, they do nothing. Does someone have to die before something happens to get rid of this unsightly menace?


  1. Council should stop this from happening.

  2. Unfortunately, Council is not allowed to remove graffiti from this infrastructure. It is state government negligence that is the cause of the problem!!

    1. who do I contact at State Government to get the graffiti removed?
      Do you have contact details?

  3. No, I don't. I have managed to have a conversation with the ARTC representative. I got a bit of a run around from her but did get an agreement that they would look at the graffiti on the freight line. I never did get to have my meeting with Rod Hook, it is probably time to take Stephen Mullighan. Promises made during construction seem to have evaporated with the change of Minister and CEO.

  4. I rang Stephen Mullighan's office yesterday and was pleased with the response. I was promised action at Goodwood Junction in the near future. The officer suggested that reports should be made to the Adelaide Metro complaints line and claimed I was the first person who had called the Minister's office on this issue!! We'll see what happens next.