01 August 2014

Councillor's Remuneration Determined

Adelaide -$24,000
Group 1A - $21,500
Group 1B - $19,000
Group 2 -  $15,900 (Unley)
Group 3 - $12,800
Group 4 - $9,100
Group 5 - $5,700
The independent body that decides the amount that Councillors and Mayors should receive for the work that they do was released yesterday. Unley Councillors (Group 2) will get 2.6% , which is less than the CPI increase. Councillors in Adelaide will get a significant rise that is already being criticised, as is the timing of the rise. However, the government determined 4 years ago that candidates for election need to know exactly how much remuneration they will receive, if elected. There is a fine balance between volunteering and getting paid professional rates. I think I calculated 4 years ago when I wrote a submission that I was getting less than a $1 per hour. The amount now equates  to approx $20 per hour, which is about the same as the base adult wage. Councillors are also paid additional money for chairing committees, sitting on Boards and the Development Assessment Panel. Our mayor is paid four times that of a Councillor, plus a car.


  1. The Unley Mayor also gets a mobile phone and unlimited calls.
    That bill alone is about $2,000 pa.
    I understand that the Councillors get no mobile phone.

  2. That is probably the case. The amount that it costs the Council can be found from time to time on the Council website (I can't find it today). Councillors do not get a phone or calls paid, we do, however, get a computer, internet and ipad.