18 August 2014

When 350 means 320

I took the time to look at a couple of blocks of land yesterday on the corner or Homer Rd and Lorraine Ave. I looked twice and then again; on the real estate agents board in front of the properties it states that both are just 320 square metres. Given the recent consultation in Clarence Park about potentially reducing the minimum site area of properties this makes a bit of a mockery of the process. If 350 means 320 then how small could a block be if the zoning was reduced to 300? Thankfully, I believe we will be successful in retaining the 350 minimum site area. This will go to consultation in the new year.
On the same  subject it seems that the now zoned 3-5 stories on Unley Rd is likely to be also ignored by developers as they take their proposals directly to the Development Assessment Commission (if over 4 stories). It makes a mockery of the time and effort made by Council and the community to try to 'get it right'.
I'll be attending a forum this evening that explains the proposed new planning reforms, from what I have read so far the above examples could well just be the beginning.

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