13 August 2014

Development Plan Amendment Update

This was debated, literally line by line, at last night's Development Strategy meeting. Although not a member of this committee I did have an opportunity to work with the committee members while standing orders were suspended. In the end the recommendation to Council was that;

  • Clarence Park (west of East Ave) remain 350 square metres, the area near Emerson crossing would retain its potential status as Residential Rejuvenation
  • Black Forest would see Dryden Rd changed to match the adjoining landscape zone and a max of 2 stories in Emerson Rd, all areas north of Forest Ave to return to 350 square metres excepting the South Rd/tram area that would retain a recommendation to a max. of 4 stories but have a small buffer zone next to the residential zones
These recommendations will need to be ratified by the Full Council on the 25th August
The process after that will mean that staff will have to go back to the recommendation and prepare documents for further consultation in February. This amazing outcome has been achieved because so may of you took the time to tell Council (acting on behalf of the state government) that these areas were not suitable as regeneration zones. It was also noted that until the state government is able to run a tram service that is able to service this area effectively then the population density in the area is nearing capacity.


  1. Lorraine Burford13 August, 2014 09:23

    Sorry Jennie, but as a 41 year resident along the tram line at Black Forest, this is utter BS.

  2. The zone that you currently live in will be unchanged (350) and not 300 as proposed, the higher density at the end of Aroha will now be limited to 2 stories and only 4 where the large blocks of flats are on the corner of South Rd. It may be possible for the aged care facility on the other side of the tram line to also build to 4 stories toward the centre of their allotment.