22 August 2014

Is Adelaide's transport on the right track?

This is worth putting in your diary!

Community Alliance SA
City planning and development forums for 2014 - 2015
To be held at the Burnside Council Ballroom

‘’Is Adelaide’s transport on the right track?’’

This forum will deal with a number of critical transport planning issues:
·         Development of the North South Corridor. While many cities overseas are dismantling cross town freeways and looking at other ways of dealing with traffic congestion, Adelaide continues to place a significant emphasis on funding major road infrastructure projects to solve our traffic congestion problems. Dr David Bray
·         Rail freight movements around Adelaide. There has been strong criticism of the Federal Government’s study into Adelaide’s rail freight movements which concluded that a bypass rail route around Adelaide would be too expensive. With freight volumes set to rise, there are likely to be impacts on thousands of residents living close to the existing rail line. Mark Ward and Simon Molloy
·         The merits or otherwise of developing an extensive tram network in Adelaide. The Transport Plan proposes the development of an extensive tram network in the city as a way of attracting increased housing density along the city’s arterial roads. This is in the absence of a cost benefit analysis of such a major infrastructure project. Will the Plan deliver the right public transport in the right places? Professor Derek Scrafton

Keynote speakers
Dr David Bray is Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Queensland’s School of Civil Engineering.  He specialises in transport policy, economics and planning and has previously worked as a government employee and as a consultant to governments and international development agencies.
Mark Ward is an elected member of Mitcham Council and Chair of the Rail Freight Task Force.
Simon Molloy is Director of Systems Knowledge Concepts and has been involved for over 10 years in an advocacy role for the rail bypass.
Professor Derek Scrafton was Director-General of Transport for South Australia for 25 years and is now Professor of Transport and Planning at the University of South Australia. He has extensive research interests including on the performance of public transport.

Q and A Panel Members:   In addition to the keynote speakers above:  
Stephen Yarwood, Lord Mayor of Adelaide; Mark Parnell, SA Greens Parliamentary Leader; Kevin O’Leary, Urban Planner (confirmed)
Andy Milazzo, Deputy Chief Executive Dept of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure / Executive Director, Transport Services; Corey Wingard, Shadow Minister for Transport; Mike Canny, former Deputy Chairperson of the Committee for Adelaide Roads; RAA representative (to be confirmed)

Facilitator:  Ian Henschke (tentatively confirmed)

Date and time:    7pm Monday 8th September 2014


  1. Will you be a speaker?

  2. No, but I will be there. My colleague, Mark Ward, from Mitcham Council will be speaking.

  3. Unfortunately Unley Council will now be meeting on that evening and I will no longer be able to attend.