07 August 2014

Men's Shed gets to keep co-ordinator

For those of us on the board at Clarence Park Community Centre this has been a long, highly emotional and tedious process. Members still are unable to breathe a sigh of relief as the Management agreement that exists with Unley Council expired at the end of June and is yet to be signed for an agreed term into the future. I have the curious position of being both on the Board and a sitting member of Council; however, I do not have a conflict of interest as the Board is a not for profit organisation.


  1. I understand that legal opinion to Council was that you and Don do have a conflict of interest.
    I ask that you immediately reconsider your position prior to the election.

  2. This is not the case, Don and I insisted that staff got a legal opinion and it stated quite clearly that we do not have a conflict of interest. We have followed that advice at all times.

  3. As a matter of transparency I still think that you and Don should resign now.
    You could then consider rejoining the board after the election.
    I urge you to reconsider.

  4. The relevant Act clearly states;
    Section 74 (4b) of the local government act

    (4b) In addition, subsection (4) does not apply in a case where the interest of the member
    arises because of 1 or both of the following circumstances:
    (a) the member or a person closely associated with the member is a member of,
    or director or member of the governing body of, a non-profit association;
    (b) the member or a person closely associated with the member is a member of a
    body (whether incorporated or unincorporated) comprised of or including, or
    having a governing body comprised of or including, a person or persons
    appointed or nominated by the council.
    If you have further advice that I am unaware of or needs clarification please give me a call.