26 August 2014

What happens when the papers go missing?

As many of you may have noticed I tend to keep the focus of my blog on the western side of the city and am  generally careful about saying too much about Unley Oval. However, the matter was to be debated and for what my comment was worth I reported this in the Council meeting report.
What was shocking about this debate is that the responses (all 400 of them ) were removed from the members room sometime on Sunday before many Councillors had an opportunity to read them. They could only have been taken by someone authorised to enter the building.
Despite all Councillors having full knowledge that this had occurred a motion to defer the debate until the papers had been recovered or reprinted was put and lost. The vote from Councillors was 6 all, the Mayor used his casting vote to allow the debate to proceed. He was fully aware that a number of Councillors had been denied an opportunity to read the papers for themselves and read into them what they will.  If they had been afforded the opportunity the debate would have been much fairer.
Also shocking is the fact that someone amongst us had deliberately removed the papers to deny them this opportunity.

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