08 January 2014

Bring on end to flood plan saga

This week's Eastern Courier contains some words of wisdom regarding the Stormwater Management Plan. The words below belong to Paul Ashenden .

"Ironically, it's this last one which attracts the least amount of attention in the public sphere but has the potential, if not dealt with, to have the most devastating consequences.
About 7000 homes in the area are at risk of serious flooding yet the five councils involved and the State Government are still bickering 10 years after talks began.
There were significant steps forward last year, firstly in February when the umbrella body, the Stormwater Management Authority, signed off on a $148m plan which had taken years to put together.
Then, in August, West Torrens, Burnside, Unley, Mitcham and Adelaide City councils agreed to chip in a third of the cash to fund the plan.
They called on the state and federal governments to find the rest of the cash but the signs aren't good they will come to the party and the deal between the councils is on the verge of falling apart.
Residents in some upstream councils have vocally opposed plans to dig up streets for culverts, the building of a large dam in Brown Hill Creek remains a point of contention and West Torrens Council has threatened to go it alone if State Government funding is not forthcoming.
There's no doubt it's a complicated situation. Anything involving water always is.

But surely the time has come for resolution. The people living in the 7000 at-risk homes deserve it".

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