07 January 2014

Street Meeting; Cromer Pde (Fairfax Cr) 11th January 2014 at 10:30 am

This Saturday Terina Monteagle (candidate for Ashford) and Vicki Chapman, MP, are holding a street meeting. The principle reason for this is the complaints made to them about the sound of the audible warning at the Fairfax Ave train crossing. My memory tells me that this crossing was to be protected by a sound mitigation screen which is yet to materialize. The noise made has been recorded at 73 dB and operates every 7 minutes for up to 18 hours a day; this is causing great distress to residents. Please, have your voice heard.
The current crossing with some token Corrugated fencing,
nothing like what was promised
Vicki has asked the press to attend.
The fencing is held together with sticky tape.

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