12 January 2014

The Poor Melaleuca (Princess Margaret Playground)

What happens when you put a lamp post in the middle of a tree? Inevitably the tree  loses and is removed. But why does it have to  be this way? Late last year the lamp was erected in the tree (what thoughtless individual did this I don't know but I do know that with a little more thought the person may have erected the light one metre left or right and the story would be different. However, when it came time to trim the trees that were overlapping the exclusion zone along the train line this tree was ear marked for removal, even though it was no where near the zone. After a good fight between residents, Councillors and DPTI the tree was allowed to remain and was entered into the Unley Development Register for  due process to be followed pending removal or not depending on merit. It seems some time after this the Council  arborist decided the tree was unsafe and posed an unacceptable  risk to those using the playground. However, despite this Council went ahead and notified residents that they had an opportunity to save the tree and asked for comments to be made to them suggesting that the Development Asesssment Panel would make the final decision. What a mess and no  one to blame but Council itself. The tree has now been removed but this has given residents just one more reason to distrust Council.
Thinking about the recent Consultation review is that I do know that you don't consult when there are no alternatives; you inform. If the tree had been identified originally as posing an unacceptable risk and residents who lived near by were informed while saddened by the information it would have been accepted.

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