07 January 2014

Supplementary Roll;Council Election 2014


Please use the above link to see if you are eligible to enroll to vote at the next Council election. Too often when I am out and about talking to people they tell me they are ineligible to vote in Council elections. The laws regarding eligibility have enabled everyone on the state and federal  government electoral roll to vote for quite some time. However, if you gain your vote by owning or renting a property or business then you must register again  this year , your name will be deleted from the supplementary roll if you do not.
What concerns me more is that almost everyone is eligible to vote if they fill out the appropriate forms (in 2006 only 35 people in Goodwood South did this). This includes non Australian citizens who rent or are buying a property; it also includes those people who may have a vote in another Council area due to their place of residence. These persons are also able to gain a vote in Unley if they are landlords or business owners in Unley. What you can no longer do is to have multiple votes within one Council or one ward. I remember people bragging that they had dozens of votes in a particular Council, from memory the most multiple votes available in Unley was 33!
So when I knock on your door for a chat I want you to be able to tell me that you have enrolled to vote and are looking forward to exercising your democratic right to  do so.

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