24 January 2014

Noise Turned Down

Despite repeated requests by residents that the noise being made by the pedestrian warning signals at the Fairfax Ave rail crossing nothing had been done since last November when they were installed. Well something had been done and that was clearly explained in a letter, from an empolyee, sent to residents and published on the DPTI website  (see earlier bog). This letter said essentially that everything that could be done had been done and what existed was what was going to be!!
Yesterday a concerted effort by residents on talk back radio was effective and saw the noise being turned down. This morning Tom Koutsantonis, tried to explain his way out of the fact that direct action had been effective. He claimed he had been to the site before Christmas and that these things take time, not once did he even answer emails or phone calls from residents.
Hopefully , this solution will be long term and give residents some peace of mind. However, it highlights the poor communication between DPTI and residents once again. Why couldn't residents have been treated with respect before the devices were installed to find a solution that ensured the safety of crossing users and was acceptable to residents? Why also are staff  not acting quickly on Ministerial or CEO requests and promises when asked to do so?


  1. I am just so pleased with the outcome.
    It will be nice for the nearby residents to have quieter bells.

  2. A wonderful outcome.
    Thanks to Steph Key for nagging the Transport Minister and getting the noise turned down.

  3. I also thank Steph Key for her perseverance on this.
    It took a long time, but she got the Minister to act.