17 January 2014

Public Lighting Audit

Public Lighting Audit

The City of Unley has engaged Complete Urban to undertake a public lighting audit. The lighting audit will involve staff from Complete Urban walking through the City’s streets recording information on electronic devices and taking photographs.
It is anticipated that the Complete Urban staff will be begin the audit in January and conclude in February 2014.
If you have any further queries please contact Council’s project officer, Matthew Sanderson on 8372 5468.

Good to see that this project has begun after being funded in the 2013/14 budget. Currently council has a fixed contract for the amount that it pays for street lighting. There are no savings if the lights are lit later and no additional costs if they come on a hour earlier than they need to. This has been to the frustration of many of our residents, especially those of us who are up early and find the lights are still on and it is broad daylight. Council's hope is to be able to find a way to light the streets more effectively and at a reduced cost. The lighting audit is the first step.

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