20 January 2014

Regional Public Health and Wellbeing Plan

 Time to have your say again!!

On Monday 20th January  Council  will be commencing our community engagement in regards to the Regional Public Health and Wellbeing Plan that we are undertaking in collaboration with the City of Mitcham.
This engagement is aimed at seeking feedback from our community into the key directions of health and wellbeing to be included in this new Regional Plan. These directions are:
         Promoting vibrant community places
         Planning environments for physical activity and accessibility for all.
·        Preparing for the public health impacts of climate change and bushfire and flood emergencies.
·         Planning for intergenerational population mix.
·         Engaging business in promoting healthy lifestyles.
·         Engaging with people who work full-time.
·         Opportunities for planning and partnerships with community agencies and the aged care and education sectors.
·               Strengthening the role of community centres and libraries.
·             Community ownership of the heath agenda including healthy eating and a clean and green environment.
·              Exploring shared service opportunities for environmental health protection.

The results of this engagement initiative will be considered and incorporated in the development of the draft Strategy, which is due to be presented to Council in March 2014.

·         Online Forum via Your Say Unley – to be accessed via:  http://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/regional-public-health-and-wellbeing-plan 

In regard to the consultation the 5 questions asked are:

·         What does a healthy community mean to you?
·         What do you consider to be the community health and wellbeing priorities for the region?
·         What are your thoughts about the proposed directions for the Health & Wellbeing Plan for Unley and Mitcham?  (noting these are outlined in the forum)
·         What other key issues or opportunities would you like reflected in the Health and Wellbeing Plan?
·         Do you have any other ideas or comments about improving community health and wellbeing in the region?

The online forum also includes extensive information regarding the consultation and the project, frequently asked questions, key dates, 3 quick polls (on maintaining healthy lifestyle, place of residence and perceptions of current levels of health).  
There is also a document library which includes the flyer, a copy of the feedback form and a link to the State Health Plan.

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