26 January 2014

Goodwood Rd Planters

Thanks to the vigilance of a resident many of the cumquat trees in the planters on Goodwwod Rd have been saved from dying of thirst. While many did die those that survived now appear to be thriving. Planters are placed where traders have asked them to be, are planted by Council and are to be looked after by the trader. Except in time this is lost in history and everybody assumes it is not their responsibility and just sits back and watches them die. This time Council has ensued they were watered but it was too late for many. Council are currently in discussion with the Goody patch team to see if they can take responsibility for their care and for replanting.

1 comment:

  1. It is sad that the local traders didn't use their initiative and water the trees outside their shops.It is like the verges where most residents don't make the effort to water the street trees and plants during hot weather.