30 January 2014

DPA2 Ready for Consultation

This DPA has the potential to change the listing for most houses in Black Forest and those in Clarence Park west of Goodwood Rd. I will ensure that the consultation is well done in these areas and I (probably with Don but I haven't discussed it with him yet) will door knock those properties most affected to ensure you are adequately informed. Many of you will love the proposed changes that will allow more intense development of your properties and others will not. You should take the time to express your view either way. The significant changes are generally north of Forest Ave and south of Dryden Rd.


  1. I've had a look at the councils website but he dpa doesn't seem to be on there .

    Do you know when a copy will be uploaded for community to have a look at?

  2. The consultation Strategy is yet to be finalised. I'll make sure my email list, including yourself, knows when it is available and the links needed to get the detail that will be important.