14 January 2014

Listen To This; Wheel Squeal in Goodwood, Forestville and Millswood

  Complain to: Eviroline 1300550402   Enviroline@artc.com.au

Please take the time to watch and listen to this You Tube video posted by a resident. The speed is dangerous and the wheel squeal incredible. http://youtu.be/cn3b01OTlFk. If you are living through this now is the time to complain and to complain often. The latest claim is that oiling the track might help, then why not give it a try? Aside from the noise, resident concerns regarding speeding and the risk of accident remain high, as well the dust is potentially dangerous. I know at least one resident that has collected some of the material and is waiting to have it analysed.
You may also be asked to sign a petition by one of your neighbours. While I don't generally support petitions I believe that in this instance it will bring the attention of the politicians to this issue and maybe make them realise that there are alternatives to the current situation.

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