30 January 2014

Heritage DPA

The Heritage DPA has now been signed off by the Minister and has come into effect. It has taken the last 7 years of my Council term to get it this far. There have been some wins and losses along the way in this,  one of the important wins has been the heritage listing of the stones in Brown Hill Creel in Orphanage Park (this one took resident action as well to list)


  1. Jennie, thank you for progressing this. Seven years is some time for the wheels of bureaucracy to turn. Now re the stones at the Orphanage: you do know that when the creek storm water project eventuates this section of the creek will probably need to be reshaped and the stones will be removed during excavation works.

  2. Yes, I understand that the option to clear and or widen the creek bed that may reduce the necessity for culverts may impact on the stones in this section. However, I hope it will be possible to do this where the stones are already missing.