16 January 2014

Extreme Weather

I asked a question of the CEO this morning about what we were doing/providing for the most vulnerable in our community during the current record breaking weather. I just hope this is the hottest day ever for a very long time!
The response as as follows. Well done!

 The City of Unley is pro-active in its approach to such weather extremes, both with its staff and the broader community. A number of policy initiatives have been engaged, including:

·         The Depot and HACC Extreme weather policies
·         Phone calls to check on vulnerable members of the community
·         Use of agencies to avoid the risk to volunteers
·         All unnecessary outings cancelled
·         HACC newsletter that covers options and practical information for people in extreme heat
·         All vulnerable people known to us are contacted
·         Our staff will check on anyone that they are concerned about.

Our libraries and community centres are open to the public and we would welcome those who are struggling with the heat. Cool filtered water is available at all those sites.

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